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Dermisplus®  Heel/Elbow Pads

Dermisplus® Heel/Elbow Pads is a range of pressure redistribution polymer gel pads, available in standard or large sizes.  Designed from a tri-block polymer gel to help reduce the risk of pressure damage.  Can be purchased as a pair, these gel pads are patient specific but can be cleaned and reused. A significant proportion of pressure ulcers occur on the heels due to a combination of pressure, friction and shear.  The gel is kind to bony areas such as heels, elbows which are at risk of pressure related tissue damage.  The pad redistributes peak pressures over a wider surface area.  Clinical studies have shown the heel Protectors to be effective in a wide variety of settings

Dermisplus Prevent is a cost effective product helping to also reduce the financial burden associated with pressure ulcer prevention and management.

Available in a range of various sizes, thicknesses and anatomical shapes – call Medipost on 01305 760750 for further details

Dermisplus®  Heel/Elbow Pads – Product Details:

Available in size:

  • Standard – L 145mm x W 95mm x H 40mm
  • Large      – L 165mm x W 120mm x H 68mm

For use:

  • Intact skin where there is a risk of pressure damage, including from medical devices.
  • Areas of the body with existing Category 1 pressure damage.
  • Recently healed ulcers to protect against the risk of re-ulceration.


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