Safehip AirX Unisex Hip Protectors


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Safehip AirX Unisex Hip Protectors

Safehip AirX Unisex Hip Protectors are a unique patented hip protector that provide the best combination of energy shunting and absorption.  The unique design makes them more user friendly and comfortable.  The protectors are 100% textile all the way through which makes them 100% breathable and much cooler to wear than hip protectors with shields made of synthetic foams or those with a hard plastic shell.

Absorbs and disposes the energy of a fall away from the greater trochanter

  • Outstanding force reduction capabilities ensuring optimum protection.
  • Well designed comfortable pants.
  • Designed to perform like regular underwear.
  • All designs also suitable for use with incontinence pads.
  • Suitable for 24 hour use.
  • Extra cotton content for extra comfort.
  • Circular knitted, no seams, avoid discomfort and pressure sores.

Excellent washing performance

  • Thoroughly tested under the most harsh NHS washing conditions.
  • Meets all current and expected future NHS washing requirements.
  • Every product marked with a traceability number.

Breathable shields

  • Unique AirXTM breathable fabric makes Safehip cooler and more comfortable to wear.
  • Less risk of skin maceration.
  • Thin, flexible and conforms to the body so is discreet to wear.
  • Latex free and allergy tested.
  • Improved compliance.

Product Sizes:

Available through Medipost in 4 Unisex sizes:

  • Small (80 – 95cm).
  • Medium (95 – 110cm).
  • Large (110 – 120cm).
  • Extra Large (120 – 135cm).

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NB:  Other Non- stock products within this range are available including separate Male and Female designs and the Open version designed specifically for those with Continence issues in mind.  To enquire further about these varieties please call our friendly team on 01305 760750.

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Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large


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