Flexible Security Clamp For Unit Dosage Trolleys


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Unit Dosage Trolleys- Flexible Security Clamp

Flexible Security Clamp for Unit Dosage Trolleys (MT/1/6F). When trolley is not in use, it’s important to make sure it is safe and secure. Prevents theft and promotes proper nursing practice. Allows your trolley to be fixed to the wall of the building. Ensuring that the contents are kept safe and secure, and good nursing habits are enforced. One end of the clamp is secured to the wall, while the hook-shaped end is trapped by the door of the trolley when closed and locked.

Flexible Security Clamp Product Details:

  • Suitable for use within the hospital, nursing home and care home industries.
  • Excellent maneuverability.
  • Trolley is suitable for storing medicine and medical equipment.
  • It is a requirement that, when not in use, trolleys should be secured to the fabric of the building. The flexible security clamp is designed for the purpose.
  • Prevents theft and promotes proper nursing practice.
  • Requires no additional keys, uses trolleys lock system.
  • Suitable for Bristol Maid MDS and dosage trolleys.

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