Controlled Drug Destruction Kit


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Controlled Drug Destruction Kit

The PolyGuard Controlled Drug Destruction kit not only denatures but actually destroys the controlled drugs compared to other similar products that only denature the drugs, giving greater security and confidence. The PolyGuard system is unique to all other Controlled Drug Destruction kits.


The PolyGuard system employs an active agent to break the chemical bonds of the drugs and after 48 hours the drug will no longer be active. The PolyGuard system also contains Activated Carbon which when the active parts of the drug are broken down these chemicals are soaked into the Activated Carbon which locks them away.

Once the water has been added the PolyGuard powder starts to work, the contents will then turn to a semi-solid gel within 30 seconds. After the kit has been jellified the active agent starts to dissolve the drugs eg tablets, and break down the active constituents within the drugs. As this is taking place these actives are soaked into the Activated Carbon rendering the drugs within the kit not only denatured but destroyed, and irretrievable. The kit should then be incinerated as is normal practice.

Product Details:

  • Sold Singly
  • 250ml
  • Wide neck jars for easy filling
  • Screw threaded leak resistant lid
  • No need for crushing of tablets
  • Quick denaturing process which saves time, less than 30 seconds
  • ONLY product which actually DESTROYS the drugs and not only denatures
  • Patented technology
  • Label with printed instructions
  • Easy to use

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