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Tena Flex Pads

Tena Flex are a belted incontinence pad product that is easier and quicker to change than traditional incontinence pad products. FeelDry™ Layer for quick absorption of liquid for maximum leakage security and better dryness for improved skin care. 100% breathable, Elastic fit, super fit waist belt. Super absorbency.

The Tena range of products have been developed and marketed over the last 50 years, resulting in a market leader supplying the healthcare industries internationally.

Product Information:

Available in 8 sizes:

  • Small – Hips Size 61-87cm (Maxi) – pack of 22 – 2000ml absorbency
  • Large – Hips Size 83-120cm (Maxi) – Case of 22 x 3 – 2000ml absorbency
  • XL – Hips Size 105 – 153cm (Maxi) – Case of 21 x 3 – 2000ml absorbency
  • Medium – Hips Size 70-110cm (Super) – pack of 30 – 2100-2500ml absorbency
  • Large – Hips Size 85-125cm (Super) – pack of 30 – 2100-2500ml absorbency
  • Extra Large – Hips Size 105-155cm (Super) – pack of 30 – 3000-3700ml absorbency
  • Medium – Hips Size 70-110cm (Plus) – pack of  – 1700-2100ml absorbency
  • Large – Hips Size 85-125cm (Plus) – pack of 30 – 2100-2500ml absorbency

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Tena provide a broad range of products for the management of continence care for men, women and children for use in their own homes, nursing and residential homes and hospitals.  You can view the Full Tena Range that we supply on our website.

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Large-Super, Medium-Super, Medium-Plus, Small – Maxi, XL – Super, Large – Plus, Large – Maxi, XL – Maxi


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