Newcastle Urine Collection Pack


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Newcastle Urine Collection Set

Ideal solution for use in gathering a urine sample by the patient themselves and/or the carer.  You can use the collection pack to obtain a sample that medical professionals and nurses can use for analysis and testing. As a non invasive product this is the ideal method for patients and carers alike.

An ideal solution for obtaining a sample from either adults or children or those with limited mobility or incontinence. You will be able to start using this product  by following the simple instructions that accompany each pack..

By placing the two pads inside an incontinence pad or the nappy of a child you are able to collect the urine sample directly.  Extract the sample from the wet pad using the syringe provided for you within the pack to draw the liquid up inside.  Once you have drawn the sample up you can then dispense this into the 20ml urine sample pot provided.   The medical professional can be provided with the urine sample pot to enable them to undertake the relevant tests.

Urine Collection packs contain:

  • 2 Urine collection pads – 21cm by 7cm (place the pad inside the incontinence pad or nappy).
  • 5ML Plastic Syringe x 1 (for drawing up the liquid from the collection pad).
  • 20ML Urine sample pot x 1 (to dispense the obtained sample into).
  • 1 Instruction sheet (a step by step guide to assist you in obtaining your sample).

Quantity: This product can be purchased in either Packs of 10 or as a single unit.

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