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Omron Blood Pressure Monitor. HBP-1120 or HBP-1300.

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor HBP-1120:

HBP-1120 Blood Pressure Monitor. Professional and simple to use, yet reliable BP measurement solution. Compatible with a series of wipe-clean GS cuffs. Ranging from SS (12-18cm) to XL (42-50cm). Comes with an AC adaptor.

Available to purchase separately 5 cuff sizes to fit a range of patients. Includes dual measurement modes that switch from automatic oscillometric to manual auscultation dependent on the individual’s condition. Omron is a well-known producer of blood pressure devices. This desktop blood pressure monitor is clinically validated.

Product Details:

  • Dual measurement modes: switch from oscillometric mode to manual auscultation mode depending on the patient’s conditions.
  • Zero Indicator: shows the device resets to zero pressure level, indicating that it is ready for the next measurement.
  • Blood pressure monitor accuracy is clinically proven.
  • Easy clean.
  • Compact.
  • Ideal for professionals.
  • Includes one standard cuff. 22-32cm.
  • Clinically Validated.
  • Professional desktop monitor.

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor HBP-1300:

HBP-1300 Blood Pressure Monitor. Durable in design, used in professional medical settings, and is ideal for hospital wards. Features a shock-proof bumper and includes a built-in handle for portable use. Includes dual measurement modes that switch from automatic oscillometric to manual auscultation modes depending on the patient’s condition.

Product Details:

  • Clinically Validated.
  • Includes standard cuff
  • Compatible with 5 Cuff Sizes.
  • Durable, robust design.
  • Fitted with Shock-Proof Bumper.

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Extra Large GS Cuff, HBP-1120, HBP-1300