Narrowbore Extension Set – 76 Centimeter


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Narrowbore extension set – 76 Centimeter

Narrowbore extension sets are manufactured for use within the medical and nursing professions.

  • For use with patients who have a new or existing intravenous line that may be too short and needs extending.
  • Commonly used in Nursing and residential homes, hospitals and hospices.
  • Available in different length sizes and priming capacities dependant upon the needs of the individual.
  • Subject to supplier lead times for delivery as this is a non stock item

Narrowbore extension set product Details:

  • Narrow bore extension set – male/female luer lock – Single Unit Purchase.
  • The Narrow bore extension sets are ideal where low priming volumes are required when needing to extend existing or newly placed intravenous lines.PVC extension line microbore female luer slide clamp rotary male luer with hydrophobic cap.76cm priming 1.0ml.

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