Celox Haemostatic Granules


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Celox Haemostatic Granules

Celox Haemostatic Granules are to be used by trained emergency responders for temporary treatment of emergency life-threatening bleeding.  Suitable for Adults and children excluding neonates and infants.

Supplied in a plastic sachet with easy tear strip at the top of the packet.  Ideal addition to first aid kits within the care home sector.   The Celox haemostatic granules form a gel plug without generating any heat.  It can clot hypothermic blood and blood containing anti-coagulants including Warfarin and Haparin.  Highly effective, professional trauma product, ideal for use on multiple and irregular-shaped wounds.  Pour the granules into the wound, pack them in, and then apply pressure with a dressing.  Fast and effective solution that can be used in an emergency situation to stop the flow of blood from a wound.

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