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BD Vacutainer- blood collection needle.

BD Vacutainer multi-sample needles can be used for multiple tube samples. They have an advanced low-angle bevel design and are coated with silicone, a low friction lubricant, ensuring very gentle and smooth vein entry.


Multisample needle

  • Sterile double-ended needle with a sleeve covered safety valve
  • Advanced low-angle bevel design and silicone lubricant coating ensures gentle and smooth vein entry
  • Draws blood directly from the vein into vacuum collection tubes to prevent exposure
  • Can be used with multiple collection tubes after venipuncture
  • Designed for use with BD Vacutainer™ tube holders and vacuum blood collection tubes
  • Luer adapter (MPN 367300) available separately for use with a catheter or hypodermic needle

Multisample needle with luer adaptor

  • Provides sterile, secure and safe specimen sampling for fast, accurate and consistent results
  • Offers the security of a threaded, locking luer connection, replacing a luer-slip device
  • Latex-free and compatible with a female luer connection or needleless IV site designed for luer lock access
  • Used together with the BD Vacutainer™ single-use tube holder and evacuated blood collection tubes


Product CodeSize (G x length)ColourPack Size
VS36021022G x 1″Black100
VS36021122G x 1.5″Black100
VS36021221G x 1″Green100
VS36021321G x 1.5″Green100
VS36021420G x 1″Yellow100
VS36021520G x 1.5″Yellow100

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