BD Eclipse Blood Collection Needles with Smartslip – Sterile – Pack of 100


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BD Eclipse Needles with Smartslip

This popular range of BD Eclipse needles come with smart slip technology cover that provides protection to the user from needlestick injuries following use.  The Smartslip technology provides the same safety mechanism as the BD Eclipse Blood collection needle – a proven safety leader in its field.

Additional Information

  • SmartSlip technology helps to ensure a secure connection to Luer slip syringes.
  • Bevel oriented to safety cover accommodates low angle injections.
  • One technology for skin injection and blood collection.
  • Requires minimal change in injection technique.
  • The hub incorporates a plastic clip to encourage user to attach needle more securely to Luer slip syringe.
  • Wide textured finger pad provides safe activation area for thumb or forefinger.
  • Integral safety cover and extended sidewall to enhance protection.
  • Needle remains locked inside activated needle cover.
  • Activates with a touch of a finger – no hard surface required for activation.
  • Colour coded hub for easy needle size identification.
  • Sterile – single use

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Other needle variants available in this range.  To enquire about ordering these or current lead times please call us on 01305 760750 quoting SKU.

VACUT30577130G 0.5 in. – 0.3 x 13 mmYellow100/Box
VACUT30577027G 0.5 in. – 0.4 mm x 13 mmGrey  100/Box
VACUT30588927G 0.75 in. – 0.4 mm x 19 mmGrey100/Box
VACUT30243627G 1.5 in. – 0.4 mm x 40 mmGrey100/Box
VACUT30576025G 5/8 in. – 0.5 mm x 16 mmOrange100/Box
VACUT30589125G 1 in. – 0.5 mm x 25 mmOrange  100/Box
VACUT30589223G 1 in. – 0.6 mm x 25 mmBlue100/Box
VACUT30588623G 1.25 in. – 0.6 mm x 30 mmBlue  100/Box
VACUT30588722G 1.25 in. – 0.7 mm x 30 mmBlack100/Box
VACUT30589521G 1.5 in. – 0.8 mm x 40 mmGreen100/Box
VACUT30589421G 1 in. – 0.8 mm x 25 mmGreen100/Box
VACUT30588820G 1.5 in. – 0.9 mm x 40 mmYellow100/Box
VACUT30589920G 1 in. – 0.9 mm x 25 mmYellow100/Box
VACUT30243718G 1.5 in. – 1.2 mm x 40 mmPink100/Box


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21G – GREEN, 21G 1.25" – GREEN, 23G – BLUE, 25G – ORANGE, 30G – YELLOW