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Safety Hypodermic Needles

Safety Needles are a sharp effective needle with integrated safety device reducing the risk of accidental needlestick injuries.  ISO colour coded to reflect the needle gauge size and further more enabling ease of identification.  Extremely popular needle range amongst the Nursing and Medical profession.  Widely used in Nursing and Clinical settings within a variety of locations.

  • Pack of 100
  • Colour coded
  • Various Gauge and needle length sizes
  • Additional sizes also available to those listed on the website – please call us on 01305 760750 to order alternative sizes and lead time information.  See bottom of listing.

Safety Needle Features:

  • Bevel up oriented needle. Allows for low angle injections.
  • Easy positioned safety sheath.  The protective sheath has a flexible hinge allowing it to be folded back against the syringe for maximum visualisation of the needle bevel and also the injection site.
  • Patent locking design. Safety mechanism ball and socket joint – audibly clicks into position when the safety device is engaged.
  • Standard luer hub. Compatible with both luer lock and also luer slip syringes.
  • Protective safety sheath.  Correlates with the length of the needle in order to optimise visualisation of the needle bevel.
  • Intuitive single handed activation.  The safety sheath is engaged by either utilising hard surface activation or also by using the thumb pad.

See also – other sizes available upon request – see below.

SKUGaugeLength (inches)ColourPack Size
BN27125271 1/4Grey100
BN2515251 1/2Orange100
BN23125231 1/4Blue100
BN2315231 1/2Blue100
BN2215221 1/2Black100
BN2115211 1/2Green100
BN2015201 1/2Yellow100
BN1915191 1/2Cream100
BN1815181 1/2Pink100

No longer available

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18G 1.5" – Pack of 100 – Pink, 19G – 1.5" – Pack of 100 – Beige, 19G – 1" – Pack of 100 – Beige, 20G – 1" – Pack of 100 – Yellow, 21G – 1" – Pack of 100 – Green, 23G- 1.25" – Pack of 100 – Blue, 25G – 0.625" (5/8ths) – Pack of 100 – Orange, 25G – 1" – Orange, 25G – 1" – Pack of 100 – Orange, 26G – 0.5" – Pack of 100 – Peach, 21G – 1.5" – Pack of 100 – Green, 21G – 2" – Pack of 100 – Green, 23G – 1" – Pack of 100 – Blue, 23G- 1.5" – Pack of 100 – Blue