Toothbrush Case


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Toothbrush Case

Plastic toothbrush case for storing your toothbrush and maintaining hygiene.  Great portable storage box for keeping your toothbrush dust free and clean.  By keeping your toothbrush clean it helps your oral care as well.  The most sanitary way to store your toothbrush is to keep it in a clean holder where airflow can dry it naturally.  By storing in a container it removes the risk it from being contaminated by bathroom germs.  Keep your holder upright rather than laying it down.  This will allow extra water to roll off it instead of pooling at the bristles, keeping them damp and allowing bacteria to grow.

Available to purchase singly or as a pack of 6.  Image and colour may vary slightly.   See our complete wash bag full of products, including flannel and hand towel, for that overnight stay, be prepared!  WASHBAGC

Toothbrush Case: Product information

  • Assortment of colours.
  • Available to purchase singly or pk6.
  • Plastic container with hole for ventilation.
  • Product may vary from image.


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