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Tablet Organiser

Tablet Organiser, also known as a pill organiser or pill dispenser.  It offers several benefits for individuals who need to take medications regularly:

Organisation: A tablet organiser helps users keep track of their medications by providing compartments for each dose and day of the week. This reduces the likelihood of missing doses or taking the wrong medication at the wrong time.

Adherence: By organising medications in advance, a tablet organiser promotes medication adherence. Users can easily see if they have taken their medication for the day, which helps them stick to their prescribed regimen.

Convenience: Tablet organisers make it easy to carry medications when traveling or away from home. They can be pre-filled with doses for several days, reducing the need to carry multiple pill bottles.

Safety: For individuals taking multiple medications, a tablet organiser helps prevent accidental double-dosing or forgetting to take a dose. It also reduces the risk of medication errors by clearly labeling each compartment.

Independence: Using a tablet organiser promotes independence.  Particularly for older adults or individuals with cognitive impairments who may have difficulty remembering their medication schedule.

Overall, a tablet organiser can improve medication management, promote adherence to treatment plans, and enhance overall health outcomes for individuals who need to take medications regularly.

Product Details:

  • Easy to use.
  • Attractive storage solution for daily medication.
  • Seven separate containers in a stylish black wallet
  • Each box has four compartments – Morn/Noon/Eve/ Bed
  • Sun/yellow Mon/green Tue/purple Wed/blue Thu/pink Fri/red Sat/orange
  • Can be used within residential homes and places of care or for private individuals responsibility for their own administration of medication.

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