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Completely Soluble Laundry Bags

Dissolv-a-Way is a completely soluble laundry bag range that is a clear in colour and are fully dissolvable. Designed to collect and store used laundry items which can then be put straight into a washing machine. The bags helps to maintain an enhanced level of hygiene and offers the user an additional safe guard against cross infection and contact with soiled linens.

The bag contents are released only when in the washing machine due to contact with water.  These bags are predominantly used within professional laundries including those found in Nursing and residential homes, Hospitals, Hospices and Hotels and Guest Houses.

Standard water soluble laundry bags have a recommended temperature of 60 degrees Centigrade. Not suitable for domestic laundry.

Comply with DHSS guidelines HC(95)18 for the safe handling of contaminated laundry.

Product Details:

Dissolv-a-Way Completely Soluble Laundry Bags meet the DHSS Guidelines HC (95) 10 for the safe handling of contaminated laundry.

  • Colour: Clear.
  • Pack Size: 100.
  • limited to 1 box per purchase, call 01305 760750 if you require more.
  • Not suitable for domestic laundry.

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