SECA 956 Chair Scale


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Seca 956 Chair Scale

The Seca 956 Chair Scale is ideal for those for whom standing on a scale is a problem especially for physically disabled or older people. Chair scales are of great assistance to patients and medical staff in nursing homes, hospitals, geriatric and orthopaedic departments. The seca 956 offers a sound, user-oriented solution with all the functions that a good chair scale should offer.

Seca 956 Chair Scale details:

  • Capacity of 200kg
  • 100g graduation
  • Fold up arm rests and footrests
  • Secur wheel brakes, ergonomic seat
  • TARE and HOLD functions
  • Automatic Switch off
  • No BMI measurement indicated

** NB: This item is bought to order and therfore subject to manufacturer lead times at time of order **

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