Repose Foot Protector PLUS and Pump


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Repose Foot Protector PLUS

The Repose Foot Protector PLUS is designed to off-load pressure from the heels. The Foot Protector Plus brings together a host of unique features helping to meet pressure area care requirements, along with infection control and patient needs.

Suitable for all patients at risk of pressure areas up to those at Very High Risk. Includes Pump.

Designed to meet the needs of clinicians and patients, the Foot Protector Plus offers superior PAC and optimal positioning.

The Repose Foot Protector Plus incorporates Magnaffix technology which offers a unique patented multi-adjustable strap fastened with a magnetic fixing system, along with a unique built-in air cell creating a protective barrier between the fixation magnets and the patient skin surface.

Product Details:

  • Magnaffix Adjustable Strap
  • Ventilation & Visual Inspection Panel
  • Patient ID Label
  • Curved Edge Design
  • Air Cell Pocket Barrier
  • Low Air technology distributes weight evenly and doesn’t lose its shape
  • Designed to relieve pressure on soft tissue areas and provide comfort
  • Lightweight for easier transport
  • Easy to clean and will deflate down to a compact size
  • Helps distribute pressure evenly
  • Repose can be cleaned and reused
  • May be used in bed or with feet elevated, easily secured with stocking or light bandage
  • Can be used with other dynamic or static support surfaces
  • Reduces impact of pressure, friction and shear

Suitable for use:

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