MIP Laundry Trolleys


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MIP Laundry Trolleys

MIP Laundry Trolleys are used widely in healthcare and residential care settings.   Offering a solution to minimize the risk of cross-contamination with different compartments to separate soiled laundry from clean items, reducing the spread of pathogens

The trolleys are built to be user-friendly and reduce physical strain on staff.  Features smooth wheel for easy maneuverability.  Made from robust materials that can withstand rigorous cleaning and disinfecting processes.  Supplied with coloured lids to help identify and sorting different types of laundry.  For example, blue lids might be used for general linen, red for contaminated items, green for personal clothing and white for isolation or hazadous materials.

Many healthcare settings have stringent guidelines and regulations regarding the handling and transportation of laundry, especially contaminated or biohazardous materials. Colored lids help ensure compliance with these standards by providing a clear, organized system for laundry management.  Using a color-coded system simplifies training for new staff members. It provides a straightforward, visual method for understanding and following the facility’s laundry protocols.

MIP Laundry trolleys come in a range of 1,2, 3 or 4 bag trolleys.

Product Details:

  • Lightweight, stable, and easy to use.
  • Wheel brakes for safety and convenience.
  • Colour-coded lids and laundry bags.
  • Can be used with fluid-proof laundry bags (as shown) – available to order separately or Economy polyester and Safetex Bags. Carts supplied without bags.
  • Trolleys supplied without bags
  • Accessories – Bag frame – Wheels – Bags
  • Replacement Lids – see LD1/B, LD1/G, LD1/G or LD1/W


  • LC/2000/1 – 1 bag cart with White Lid                                              – Size 38x93x49cm
  • LC/2000/2 – 2 bag cart with White and Red Lids                              – Size 66x93x49cm
  • LC/2000/3 – 3 bag cart with White, Red and Blue Lids                    – Size 100x93x49cm
  • LC/2000/4 – 4 bag cart with White, Red, Blue and Green Lids        – Size 135x93x49cm

NB:  Delivered direct from the manufacturer and subject to their own lead times which will be notified at the time of ordering (usually within 24 hours – or next working day)

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