Karri- Cart Trolleys and Accessories


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Karri- Cart Trolleys and Accessories

The Laundry Karri-Cart by MIP is a specialised cart designed to transport laundry efficiently and safely. Ideal solution for large laundry facilities.  They are used in institutional settings like hospitals, hotels, and long-term care facilities where there is a high volume of laundry to be managed.

For the distribution of clean personal clothing, enabling separation and distribution of individuals clothing. The Karri-Carts are made from a light weight, high quality powder coated steel. They come complete with a selection of coloured trays, to help with sorting.  It also has a robust hanging rail to transport products on hangers. (KCart/Combi does not include a hanging rail).

These carts are designed with ergonomics in mind, making them easy to maneuver even when fully loaded. Features like swivel casters and handles make it simple to navigate through tight spaces.  Available in various sizes to accommodate different volumes of laundry. This flexibility makes them suitable for both small and large operations.

Safety features include locking wheels to prevent movement when loading or unloading and smooth surfaces to reduce the risk of snagging or tearing linens.  Easy to clean and maintain a hygienic environment.

  • Mobile stacking units replace untidy shelves and baskets
  • Complete with sturdy hanging rail
  • Colour coded – 6″ deep trays (Manufacturer will supply standard tray capacity in assorted colours unless otherwise specified at the time of ordering)
  • Models to suit all sizes of laundry and lifts
  • Rust-proof, robust stainless steel construction
  • Improves manual handling techniques

All Karri-Carts are sold fully assembled and are non returnable as they are made to order by the manufacturer. Please note that Certain Postcodes are subject to a manufacturers £25.00 delivery surcharge.

Product Details:

Karri-Carts are conveniently designed in a range of sizes and styles to meet the needs of all service types and sizes.

Combi Cart

  • KC/CC         92x105x46cm (4×3) 12 trays
  • KC/CCH     132x105x45cm (4×3) 12 trays with hanging rail

Twin Karri-Cart

  • KC2             164x71x46cm (8×2) 16 trays
  • KC3/18        133x71x46cm (6×2) 12 trays

Triple Karri-Cart

  • KC3             164x105x46cm (8×3) 24 trays
  • KC3/18        133x105x46cm (6×3) 18 trays

Quad Karri-Cart

  • KC4             146x140x46cm (7×4) 28 trays
  • KC4/24        133x140x46cm (6×4) 24 trays

Additional Trays

  • KCT6B         31x43x15cm – Blue
  • KCT6G         31x43x15cm – Green
  • KCT6R         31x43x15cm – Red
  • KCT6Y         31x43x15cm – Yellow

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