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Controlled Drug Recording Book

  • Controlled Drug Book (CD book) used for the recording of controlled drugs and error reduction by facilities who keep a stock of controlled medications .
  • The book has a leatherette style hard back binding therfore making it durable and long lasting.
  • The columns on each page are clearly identifiable and the pages clearly numbered.
  • Provides a more tamper proof record of Controlled drugs over loose leaf recording.
  • Ideal for use in Nursing/ Residential Homes, pharmacies, hospicies and also on Hospital wards.

Our range of books are some of our most popular lines at Medipost.  Our product range is easy to use and has been developed and well established aver a number of years.

Controlled Drug  Book Additional Information:

  • To record the receipt and administration of Controlled Drugs and thus ensuring compliance under current regulations of The Misuse of Drugs Act.
  • 199 numbered pages as well as index pages.
  • Maroon 23x21x2cm.

NB: This book replaces the old CDBKN and CDBKB models – It is identical to the CDBKB however the difference between this and the CDBKN is that the ‘Proof of signature column’ is now a time column therfore making this column more applicable to the majority of our customers.

If you wish to purchase the old style book we have limited numbers available but only whilst stock lasts – in order to do so please call us on 01305 760750