Luxamed Auris LED Otoscope


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Luxamed Auris LED Otoscope

Luxamed  Auris LED Otoscope. One of our more recent additions to the otoscope range. A medical device that is used to look into the ears. Health care providers use otoscopes to screen for illness during regular check-ups and also to investigate ear symptoms. An otoscope potentially gives a view of the ear canal and tympanic membrane or eardrum.  The Luxamed Auris LED 2.5V has one light setting which is a neutral white light with approximate 4200-4500K and is dimmable.

Product Detials:

  • Innovative Otoscope – UKCA  and MHRA approved
  • Pocket-Sized.
  • Illumination: LED-Ring with 6 LEDs (concentric).
  • With theoretical failure of a single LED, the functionality is not affected.
  • Protected by utility patent. DE202013104278U1.
  • Light Intensity Regulator. Can be dimmed.
  • Automatic Switch-Off after 3 minutes.
  • Life Expectancy of LEDs. Approx. 100.000 hours by constant current drive.
  • Intensity of illumination. Approx. 10.000 Lux.
  • Colour Temperature. Approx. 4.000 K.
  • Optimised Head Design.
  • Pivoting 3-Fold Magnifying Glass with Locking Function.
  • Insufflation Port for Pneumatic Test.
  • Two-Component Handle. Aluminium/Fibre-Glass Reinforced.
  • Electronic ON and OFF Push-Button Switch.
  • Power Supply: 2 x AAA Alkaline Batteries, inclusive.
  • Includes 20 x disposable Ear Funnels. 10 x 2.5mm and 10 x 4.0mm.

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Luxamed - LuxaScope Auris Led Otoscope 2.5v
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