Large Nail Clipper


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Large Nail Clipper

Medipost offer a reliable brand of professional nail clippers.  Ideal for Chiropody and use within Nursing and Residential homes.

Ergonomically designed handles provide a better grip and reduce hand strain.  The large clippers have a wider jaw opening which is ideal for thicker toenails, they can be used for both fingernails or toe nails.  Importantly the clippers are strong with a comfortable and easy to use design.

Choosing the right toenail clippers can make a significant difference in your foot care routine.  Using toenail clippers offers several benefits, especially in maintaining foot health and hygiene. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Prevention of Ingrown Toenails

Regular trimming with proper toenail clippers helps keep nails at an appropriate length and shape, reducing the risk of ingrown toenails, which can be painful and lead to infections.

  • Improved Foot Hygiene

Trimming toenails prevents dirt and bacteria from accumulating under the nails, which can lead to fungal infections and other foot issues.

  • Enhanced Comfort

Well-trimmed toenails reduce discomfort in shoes, especially in tight or closed-toe footwear, preventing pressure and pain.

Large Nail Clipper – Product Details:

  • Professional standard standard nail clippers.
  • Wide jaw opening
  • Ideal for Chiropody.
  • Suitable for use within the nursing and care industry.
  • Use on thickened nails where a tougher clipper is required.

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Should be used in accordance with any individuals relevant guidelines, particularly for those with Diabetes or that suffer from Ingrown toenails.

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