Etac Molift Raiser and Safety Straps


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Etac Molift Raiser

Sit to stand transfer device. Made from steel, plastic and aluminum is designed for not only the safety of the user but also the handler.  The large sturdy frame stands on a lockable platform with a non-slip base for support and stability.

Two wheels attached to the base gives it mobility with ease allowing it to be moved closely to the user.  Its handle has many grip possibilities allowing caregiver and patient the best possible grip  throughout.  An adjustable padded knee support allows the user to lean into the pad and therefore assistance in controlling their stability whilst in the standing position.

ETAC Molift Raiser Safety Strap with sliding function – S/M and L/XL

Assists carers with the smooth transfer of user from bed/chair into the standing position.  Users can then be moved on the wheeled base of the molift to another area.  Designed to control the user into a safe static position.  The inside of the belt consists of an anti-slip material and is padded for comfort. Holes along the red handles of the safety strap fix to the raiser and can be adjusted depending on size. Maximises comfort and stability.

ETAC Molift Raiser Product Details:

  • Safe working load 150kg/330lbs.
  • Total weight  14.2kg/31.3lbs.


Accessories for this product consists of Safety Straps available in two sizes S/M and L/X these can be used in conjunction with the transfer device when users need extra stability.  The straps wrap around the user and attaches to both sides of the frame.  The straps can be adjusted for comfort and has a sliding function for ease of placement.

Download the user manual here

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