Enfit Bottle Adaptors


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Enfit Bottle Adaptors

Enfit bottle adaptors are designed for use in enteral feeding. These adaptors are part of the ENFit system.  They standardize enteral feeding connections to enhance patient safety and reduce the risk of misconnections with non-enteral devices.

  • ENFit bottle adaptors are used to connect enteral feeding syringes or feeding sets to bottles, enabling the accurate and safe transfer of liquid nutrition or medication.
  • These adaptors typically feature a threaded connection compatible with the ENFit system, ensuring a secure fit with ENFit syringes and feeding tubes.
  • They are designed to reduce the risk of cross-connection with non-enteral systems (e.g., IV or respiratory).
  • Made from medical-grade plastics to ensure safety, durability, and compatibility with a wide range of liquids and medications.

This popular range of syringes has proven popular in Nursing Homes and Hospices as well as the hospital environment.  These re-usable syringes are ideal for use by patients receiving care in their own home as well as other community based settings.

Enfit Bottle Adaptors – Product Details:

Available in the following sizes:

  • 25.5mm – 27mm  EBA25
  • 20mm – 21.5mm  ENBTAD/20
  • Packs of 50
  • Other sizes available call Medipost on 01305 760750

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Also available in a single use disposable range.  The popular range of BD needles and syringes are also available to purchase online.

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20-21.5mm, 25.5-27mm


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