Catering Sponge Scourers – Pack of 5

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Pack of 5

Catering Sponges

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Catering Sponge Scourers

Catering Sponge Scourers – Pack of 5 (LARGE size) catering sponges.  Ideal for heavy duty applications including use in Nursing Homes and Residential Homes, Food and Beverage establishments, Hotels, Guesthouses and the hospitality Industries.

These Large size scourers help to reduce the effort and time spent when cleaning up after catering within large size establishments.  The green padded scourer enables the user to scrub hardened on food residue with ease whilst the soft padded sponge area provides ease of use to wipe away water residue after cleaning.

Product Details:

  • Pack of 5
  • Large size
  • Green scourer and sponge

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