Burns Dressings and Liquids


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Burns Dressings and Liquids

Burns Dressing –  A unique versatile sterile gel-soaked dressing that provides essential immediate treatment and protection within the first critical 24 hours, following a burn. The dressing is saturated with a sterile, water-based gel which is non-toxic, non-irritant and does not contain any fats or greases.

Burns Hydrogel Spray and dressings are perfect for treating burns of all kinds and also come in a handy bottle with a dispenser, therefore, enabling easy application.  The hydrogel enables the burn to be arrested quickly.  This action reduces the ongoing damage that can be caused to the underlying tissue which could then also increase the severity of the burn or scald.  Left untreated this can result in full-thickness burns requiring surgery.  The Hydrogel enables a quick application of its active ingredients to reduce damage when applied in the early stages and also relieves pain.

Hydrogel provides immediate relief from the pain of a burn injury and reduces the effects of scarring to the wound burn site by encouraging the body’s natural healing response providing continual moisture.

Burns Dressings and Liquids Details:

  • Moisturises the burn area
  • Soothing tea-tree oils cools the skin therefore minimising trauma or tissue damage.
  • Non-adhesive and can be removed with cool water or saline solution without causing discomfort

Available in 2 sizes

  • 20 x 20 cm and also
  • 5cm x 1m (to cover entire limbs)

    BurnS Gel Details

    Immediate effective treatment  – soothing, cooling relief for burns, scalds, and also sunburn.  Provides a protective barrier and not to mention prevents the burn from progressing through healthy tissue and causing further damage.

    • For the treatment of minor burns, scalds, and sunburn.
    • Cools the burndown.
    • Helps prevent infection.
    • Provides pain relief.
    • Contains natural tea tree oil.
    • Rehydrates burn dressings.


    • 125ml spray bottle
    • 50ml cooling gel – see code CJ50
    • 20 x 20cm dressing
    • 10 x 10cm dressing – see code CJ1010
    • limb dressing
    • 3 x 4g sachets – see code CJS

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