Blood Collection Tubes with Silica Clot Activator – pk100



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Blood Collection Tubes with Silica Clot Activator – pk100

BD vacutainer plastic tubes offer a safe method of blood collection. The yellow lid indicates the contents of the tube is silica clot activator gel. Used to obtain and separate a serum sample. Sterile serum separator tube. Pack of 100.

Serum Separator Tube usage guidelines:

  • Clotting Times: the minimum recommended coagulation time for patients who have not received anti-coagulation treatment is 30 minutes. Tubes contain a clot activator of silica particles.
  • Centrifugation Conditions: 1300–2000 g for 10 minutes or alternately 3000 g for 5 minutes, at 18–25°C.
  • Effects of Temperature: cooling of the tube during centrifuging can affect the movement capability of the gel. Optimum separation of serum and coagulated blood is achieved at 20–25°C.
  • Store at 4–25°C and protected from direct sunlight during storage.

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