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Alerta Detect

The Alerta Detect PIR motion sensor uses infrared technology to trigger an alert when body movement is detected. It is an alternative solution to the Alerta mats where a PIR beam may be more appropriate. It’s also an excellent way to give patients the freedom and safety of their own room. Whilst still giving the care giver advanced warning of any patient at risk of falling.

Product Details:

  • Most effective when mounted at a door or at the bedside.
  • When the patient moves into range it will activate the nurse call system.
  • Alerta Detect can be purchased as wired or wireless.
  • ‘Plug-and-play’ system connects directly into the nurse call system and can be powered by mains or battery.
  • A simple wireless system which functions as standalone for localised alerts.
  • Can also be connected into the nurse call system for centralised activation.
  • The alarm receiver can be placed in the same room as the motion sensor or in another room within the building.
  • Both devices can be powered by mains or battery making the system extremely versatile.
  • Eliminates alarm noise (depending on settings)
  • Mains or battery powered
  • Low battery alert
  • Choose between chime/no chime
  • High and low volume alert

Range of Plugs available:

Please advise the required plug type to ensure compatibility with your nurse call system. (can be placed in comments section of your order).

  Single Ring Plug

  Double Ring Plug

  White Plug 6 Groove

  Clear Plug 6 Groove

  Clear Plug 4 Groove

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