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TourniButton Tourniquet

The Disposable TourniButton Tourniquet is  ideal for those working within the Nursing and Medical professionals.  Commonly used amongst Phlebotomists they aid the process of obtaining blood samples by restricting the flow of blood temporarily and furthermore making veins more visible.  Disposable Tourniquet are ideal for environments with multiple patients as they aid effective hygiene practices and minimise the risk of cross infection. Supplied in a box of 100 and completely latex free reducing the risk of allergic reaction.

For large arms multiple TourniButtons can conveniently be jointed together.  It is easy to reposition and tighten.  It also features a simple single headed release for quick removal

Details at a glance

  • Pack 100.
  • Size  375mm x 23mm.
  • Latex free and also Intended for single use.
  • Helps reduce cross contamination.
  • Convenient.
  • Easy to use.

See also

Also available is the re-usable Quick Release Elastic Band Tourniquet.

NB: Style may vary due to supplier changes and also product development.

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