Sterillium Hand Gel or Rub-in Hand Sanitiser


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Sterillium Hand Gel or Rub-in Hand Sanitiser

Sterillium Hand Gel or Rub-in Hand Sanitiser is the leading hand disinfectant in Germany. For 30 years they have provided many product advantages for reliable and gentle skin disinfection.

Sterillium offers a comprehensive spectrum of effect against bacteria, fungi, viruses (including HBV, herpes type 1 & 2, and HIV). Reduction of the transient flora by 99.99% in 30 secs. Surgical disinfection within 3 minutes. Good residual and persistent effect. Exceptionally good skin care even with long-term use. Excellent skin protection and skin care properties. Simple to use – Gel or Rub-in Liquid formulations. Rub, undiluted on to dry hands.

Product Details:

Sterillium  is available in 3 Sizes –

  • 100ml – Flip lid pocket pack – Gel or Liquid hand rub
  • 475ml – Screw cap bottle – Gel-   wall bracket available for this size only (STERWM)
  • 500ml – Screw cap bottle – Liquid Hand Rub
  • 1000ml Screw cap bottle – Rub-in Liquid
  • Gel – (Ethanol 85mg/g) – CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE
  • Liquid – (Propan-2-ol 450mg/g Propan-1-ol 300mg/g Mecetronium ethyl sulfate 2mg/g)

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single – 25mm, Wall Bracket, Pump, 1l, 100ml, 475ml, 500ml GEL, 500ml LIQUID RUB


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