Patient Specific Slide Sheet


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Patient Specific Slide Sheet

Patient Specific Slide Sheet – A silicon coated fabric on both sides.  Helps provide a slick, low friction finish for easy patient movement and turning.  The lightweight and durable fabric is coloured red and can easily be identified for a specific patient during their stay in hospital or care home.  When the patient has no further use of them it can then be thrown away. 

This flat slide sheet is a full body length sheet and can be used as a pair back to back or as a single sheet folded in half.  Handles on 3 sides of the sheets allow for a secure strong grip ensuring safe movement of the patient.  The handles are along both long sides and one of the ends.

Designed for single patient use, can be wiped clean using a diluted chlorine based solution or a good quality sterilisation fluid in between uses.

Recommended usages include patient turning and repositioning.  Lightweight and sturdy, these slide sheets make the manoeuvering of patients easier and more efficient.  During use the patient should be centered on the sheet and side handles utilised to evenly spread the load.

Slide sheets are not intended for lifting.

Patient Specific Slide Sheet Product Details

  • Single patient use.
  • Flat sheet with handles 200x85cm – standard
  • handles on 3 sides.
  • Other sizes available – call for details

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2000 x 850mm

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