Cutan Gentle Wash Soap – 1 Litre


Available in Single 1 Litre Units or as a case of 6 X 1 litre.

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Cutan Gentle Wash Soap

Cutan Gentle Wash is a sophisticated ultra high emollient soap, designed for frequent use.  The Cutan range of products are popularly located within Nursing and Health and Social Care settings to provide optimum hand hygiene and reduce the risks of cross contamination.

Gentle Wash contains a multi-ingredient conditioning package to reduce skin dryness often associated with high rates of hand washing which is ideal within the Nursing and Care professions and has been formulated through consultation with Senior Nursing staff,

Cutan Gentle Wash Soap Details:

  • High emollient qualities.  Reduce redness and sores associated with frequent hand washing
  • Rich and creamy. Soft soap and light perfume leaves skin feeling and smelling clean after use
  • Formulated with input from senior nursing professionals.
  • Gentle Wash contains mild cleansing agents to keep the skin clean and fresh.
  • The multi-ingredient conditioning package is to reduce skin dryness often associated with high rates of hand washing.
  • 1000 shots per 1 litre.
  • 6 x 1 litres per case.
  • Perfumed – peach.

Available as a single 1 Litre Unit or a Case of 6 x 1 Litre.

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