Clinell Spill Wipes (Single Pack)


Sold as a single unit:

Each pack contains:

  • 1 x Spill Wipe
  • 2 x Disinfectant Wipes
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Clinell Spill Wipes (Single Pack)

Clinell Spill Wipes are a new approach to the safe clean-up of body fluids. Simple, quick and highly effective Clinell® Spill Wipes replace traditional chlorine based spill kits which are time consuming and hazardous to use. Proven to kill all known microorganisms associated with blood, urine and faecal spills. Including Hepatitis B & C, HIV, Clostridium Difficile (C-diff), Norovirus and many more.

Patented technology – incredibly stable formula with no toxic fumes, making it safe to use in patient areas.

Based on technology from the most powerful wipe in the world, the Clinell® Sporicidal Wipe, which has a log kill greater than 6, the super absorbent pad generates peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide.Easy and safe disposal of soiled wipes. Clinell® Spill Wipes packaging is designed so that all items, including the protective clothing worn by the user, can be disposed of in the resealable bag and placed into the appropriate clinical waste disposal.

Product Details:

Pack Contains:
Spill wipe x 1
Disinfectant wipes x 2

The Clinell range of products support and promote infection control through a wide variety of wet wipes and disinfectant sprays which can be used on surfaces, skin, medical devices and fluid spills dependant upon your needs. Clinell products are specifically developed for the healthcare market including hospitals, GP clinics, nursing and residential homes, dentists, vets, laboratories, pharmaceutical outlets and for use within your own home.

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