Absorbent Powder


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Absorbent Powder

Ideal for the disposal of body fluid spillages.  HypaClean Absorbent Powders are an essential tool for the effective cleaning of body fluid spills including blood, vomit, or urine.

Highly absorbent qualities and a 10g yield of powder absorb approximately 1 litre of liquid. Making it ideal for fast and efficient clean-up in an emergency. The powder is easy to apply, requiring no previous preparation, and instantly forms into a gel when sprinkled over fluid, ideal for easy and quick removal. HypaClean Absorbent Powders contain a disinfectant agent that prevents any cross-contamination and provides a sanitizing action.  Contains deodoriser to neutralise unpleasant smells.

Absorbent Powder Details:

  • Sprinkle the powder on to spillages, allow it to absorb, collect and dispose with ease.
  • Available to purchase in pack quantities of either 10 or 500g.

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Alternative brand types are also available to purchase through our website including the Popular Vernagel Absorbant Powder range which can also be purchased in various pack sizes to meet your requirements.

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