First Aid Kits

At Medipost we have an extensive range of first aid kits and supplies to suit your needs, for your care home or hospital. You will also find a comprehensive range of first aid kits and supplies to fit the requirements of all types of workplaces from shops and offices to large factories and production facilities.

Browse our range of workplace first aid kits, including British Standard BS8599 and HSE compliant kits, school first aid kits, first aid cabinets and equipment for first aid rooms.

You’ll also find a range of kits for motor vehicles, including British Standard BS8599-2 kits which are designed to keep motorists safe on the road. Here at Safety First Aid we also stock other motoring emergency supplies to make it easier to keep you safe on the roadside.

For specialist emergency care, we stock a range of kits including burns treatment, sports first aid, and hot and cold therapy. Our range also includes accident books, stretchers, specialist equipment and much more.

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