Vacutainer 367525 – Lavender


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Vacutainer 367525

The Vacutainer 367525 is used to obtain a whole blood or EDTA plasma sample.  Vacutainer™ Hemogard Closure Plastic K2-Edta Tube contains K2EDTA which is a liquid solution that is spray coated onto the interior surface of the BD Vacutainer Plus Tubes and acts as a coagulant.

The difference between K2EDTA and K3EDTA is that the K3 is a liquid solution in the tubes, whereas the K2 is a liquid solution that is spray coated onto the tubes.

Product Details:

  • 16 x 100 mm
  • EDTA 10ml
  • Lavender
  • Pack 100
  • Label type, paper.

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