Siemens Diagnostic Reagent Strips – Multistix


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Siemens Diagnostic Reagent Strips – Multistix

The Siemens Diagnostic Reagent Strips – Multistix 10 SG, 8 SG and GP are a high quality reagent strip for urinalysis. (Interact with Bayer Clinitek Status urine analyser for automatic results analysis).

Siemens Diagnostic Reagent Strips Product Details:

Multistix 10SG;

  • Pack of 100
  • Tests for: (b) (l) (u) (br) (n) (sg) (g) (p) (k) (ph).

Multistix 8SG;

  • Pack of 100
  • Tests for: (b) (l) (n) (sg) (g) (p) (k) (ph).

Multistix GP;

  • Pack of 25.
  • Test Strips.
  • Tests for: (b) (l) (n) (sg) (g) (p) (k) (ph).

Codes for tests: Blood (b), Leucocytes (l), Urbilinogen (u), Bilirubin (br), Nitrite (n), Specific Gravity (sg), Glucose (g), Protein (p), Ketones (k), PH (ph)

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