Kapitex Trachi-Dressing


Small – 60mm x 82mm – Pk20 – Sterile

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Kapitex Trachi-Dressing

Kapitex Trachi-Dress tracheostomy dressing is designed to keep the tracheal stoma area dry and make tracheostomy management easier.

The Trachi-Dress dressing is a low profile dressing so the dressing does not raise tracheostomy tubes from the neck. The dressing also features soft round edges and no loose fibres on the skin contact layer which can be inhaled. The Trachi-Dress dressing has a keyhole cut for easy fitting around the tracheostomy tube shaft.

The construction of Trachi-Dress dressing comprises of three layers:
Layer One
This skin contact layer is non-adherent. The polyethylene film helps prevent tissue adhering to the dressing, thereby aiding removal when changing the dressing. This layer also helps keep the skin dry.

Layer Two
This is the absorbent layer. The middle section is constructed of viscose to ensure maximum absorbency, through capillary action which draws mucus away from the skin.

Layer Three
This viscose / polyethylene combination provides an effective seal which retains mucus within the body of the dressing.

The Kapitex Trachi-Dress tracheostomy dressing is individually wrapped in peel-pouch.

Individually Wrapped
Size: Small
Dimension: 60mm x 82mm
Pack Size: 20
Quantity: 1

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