Long-Life Snag-Resistant Knitted Bath Towels x 6


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Long-Life Snag-Resistant Knitted Bath Towels x 6

Long-Life Snag-Resistant Knitted Bath Towels x 6. Highly durable knitted construction with snag-resistant loops. Last twice as long as ordinary woven Bath towels.  70 x125cm

These Bath size towels are specially designed to help reduce laundering costs. The unique cotton rich construction has been developed to alleviate snagging and in order to minimise shrinkage resulting in a Bath towel that is both durable as well as luxurious. With proven quicker drying times, these Bath towels help to lower carbon emissions and therfore reduce laundering costs. Each Bath towel is exceptionally colourfast and can be thermally disinfected with confidence.

Product Details:

Wash – up to 71.c for thermal disinfection and to promote longevity of product – Microfibre in base of towel promotes faster drying.


  • Can be washed up to 95.c
  • Tumble dry on a medium heat setting
  • Wash once before use
  • Allow 5 minute cool down period before folding
  • Do not use bleach

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