Alerta Sensaflex 300 Foam Cushion


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Alerta Sensaflex 300 Foam Cushion

The Alerta Sensaflex 300 Foam Cushion is a very high risk memory foam cushion with a high density base, foam centre and a castellated gel memory foam top.  The Alerta Sensaflex 300 provides effective comfort, care and pressure redistribution for patients in hospital, nursing and care home environments.

Product Details:

  • Alerta Sensaflex 250 memory foam cushion, offering comfort and pressure distribution.
  • Suitable for patients at VERY HIGH RISK of developing pressure areas
  • Size: 43x43x10cm (17x17x4 inches)
  • Maximum User Weight 150kg/23st
  • Multi-stretch and vapour permeable PU cover (washable)

Cover Washing Guidelines:

To launder the cover in a washing machine, set the main wash to 65oC for no less than 10 minutes or 95oC for no less than 3 minutes. The cover can be tumble dried on low heat and the temperature must not exceed 60oC. The foam can be autoclaved at 134oC.

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