Tena U-Test

TENA U-Test was developed to fill the need for a new, easier and more comfortable way to identify or exclude UTI.

TENA U-test is a simple and easy test placed in an incontinence absorbent product. The test has been developed for incontinent individuals who have symptoms of UTI and where there is a difficulty of collecting a urine sample. The function of the test is based on identifying nitrite and leukocytes in the urine.
The test is meant particularly for cases where collecting a urinary sample using traditional methods is difficult or the individual in question is incontinent and also uncooperative, a bedridden resident or, for example, an individual with dementia. The individual who is ill should be disturbed as little as possible TENA U-test facilitates a quick and correct evaluation of the urine for the presence of nitrite and leukocytes or the exclusion of UTI. Exclusion of UTI is as important as identification for finding a correct treatment solution and possibly plays a role in eliminating unnecessary antibiotics use in combating antibiotics treatment resistance, especially if antibiotics are started based on symptoms only due to the lack of an appropriate urine sample for reliable initial diagnosis.
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